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Mobile operating systems on smart phones and tablets are invading the enterprise at break-neck speed, and the practices of “bring your own device,” (BYOD) and “company owned, personally enabled,” (COPE) are compounding the issue. This shift – from relatively stable mobile environments of the past to a diverse mobility landscape – challenges IT professionals in the areas of access control, policy enforcement, security of confidential data on users’ devices, and myriad other mobility issues.

Gain insights on:

  • The differences between mobile device management, mobile application management and other mobility management tools
  • How to create and implement effective corporate security strategies and policies at the device and app level
  • Ways to balance security risks against the rising importance of empowering your workforce
  • How to navigate the potential legal minefield of privacy concerns

  • Mobile app distribution strategies, including using enterprise app stores
  • Advice to tackle a handful of key deployment decisions up front that will save pain and aggravation down the road
  • The pros and cons of the varied form factors that are taking shape among today’s mobility tools

Join us

No matter where your organization is on the mobility adoption curve, you’ll want to join us and discover firsthand how to advance your organization’s mobile strategy and how to best maintain a secure and productive mobile workforce.


Discover the Key Steps for Success

Sessions Include

  • From BYOD to the Mobile Enterprise
  • All About Apps
  • Enterprise Mobility Management Done Right
  • Corporate Device Policies
  • Getting Real Value From Your BYOD/Mobile Investments

Solutions Found Here

Meet with solution providers and discover the latest technologies surrounding:
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile App Development Platform
  • Mobile Enterprise App Platform
  • Wireless Infrastructure

Panel Discussions

Real-World Experience

Revealing discussion full of inside stories and critical tips.

This event is geared towards IT professionals with managerial titles or higher, in mid-to-large size organizations who have responsibility for their organization's network and involvement in strategic initiatives around mobile device management. All registration applications will be reviewed, and registrants will be notified of their attendance status promptly. Network World reserves the right to determine total audience profile.