Open Network Exchange: SDN, Openflow and Network Virtualization
Network World’s regional Tech Tour, Open Network Exchange, brings together SDN focused industry analysts, technology providers and IT professionals to network and discuss key information about disruptive technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), OpenFlow protocol and network virtualization.

The Advantages of SDN

Networking is at a crossroads, with demand for bandwidth accelerating exponentially and new technologies poised to expand the possibilities for network virtualization and interoperability like never before.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)/Network Virtualization promises to reshape enterprise networks, enabling companies to keep pace with fluid computing environments powered by virtual servers and cloud by decoupling network control from the data forwarding plane.


Watch John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise, and John Dix, Editor-in-Chief, Network World, discuss key points about SDN and Network Virtualization.

This event is geared toward IT professionals with managerial titles or higher, in mid-to-large size organizations who have responsibility for the evaluation and purchase of products and services to support their enterprise networks. All registration applications will be reviewed, and registrants will be notified of their attendance status promptly. Network World reserves the right to determine total audience profile.