Network World Presents: The Critical Path to IPv6 Event
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Network World's "The Critical Path to IPv6" Event
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"This has helped confirm some of the plans we've begun white-boarding about our IPv6 rollout plan, and given us some practical "real-world" advice about what to make sure we do / don't do." -- Christopher Beyer, People's United Bank

"Our organization is in the beginning phases of IPv6. What this event did for us is solidify many of the strategies we have been recommending, and clarify some points we were not clear on." -- Antonio Santoro, Sanofi Pharmaceuticals

"I got the chance to hear from people who are already deploying IPv6 in order to learn about some of their pitfalls and issues." -- Chris Tengi, Princeton University

"It gave me a good platform to start our organization's IPv6 migration." -- Francis Lee, Teachers College
2011 "The Critical Path to IPv6" Recap
With IPv4 addresses rapidly depleting, the time for IPv6 is now.   

Service providers and enterprises continue to capitalize on the limitless new opportunities created by the Internet and mobility. There’s an explosive growth of Internet users, mobile network devices, always-on services, and Internet-ready applications that shows no signs of slowing. The result of that growth, however, is the imminent exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and the inevitable adoption of IPv6.

Consider a recent Network World Editorial Survey. A large majority of respondents say IPv6 is fundamentally important to the growth of the Internet, and nearly three-quarters say their companies will eventually adopt IPv6 for their corporate network. But, more than two-thirds of the respondents say they need more education when it comes to implementing IPv6.

So, where to start?

Join us for a new Network World Technical Seminar: The Critical Path to IPv6. Gain practical information on how to help lead your organization through this necessary transition. Spend the day at this timely event and learn how to craft an IPv6 implementation plan that balances your regulatory and governance-driven mandates with financially sensible and efficient network design.

IPv6 content experts from the Network World editorial team, industry consultants with a devoted focus on IPv6 and technology solution providers will deliver practical information to help you take the necessary steps towards the near-term deployment of IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack networks and operating systems and the long-term implementation of IPv6 throughout your enterprise.

What Attendees Learned:
  • Why IPv6 is necessary
  • The Critical Management Challenges to IPv6 and how to overcome them
  • How to plan your IPv6 roadmap
  • The first step equipping your Internet perimeters – in successful IPv6 migration
  • Transition technologies such as Toredo, 6to4, as well as new ones like Dual Stack Lite and Translator-in-the-Cloud
  • The fundamental aspects of a secure IPv6 environment